Most of our jewelry are made of 14k gold filled material. The thicker coating of gold around it offers durability to resist from tarnishing. We also have small selections of 18k Gold plated stainless steel . These requires less care than gold filled jewelry. With that being said there are some few things you should also take note of


To prolong the life of your GOLD FILLED / GOLD PLATED / VERMEIL jewelry, we recommend that you: 

    1. Do not wear it in pools hot tubs that are treated with chlorine.
    2. Do not spray perfume and hair products while wearing your jewelry.
    3. Do not wear Sunscreen with it. Sunscreen contains zinc oxide and other small chemical particles that can result in tarnishing.
    4. Do not exercise with your jewelry, consistent exposure to your sweat can dull your jewelry
    5. Remove your jewelry before you head to bed and let it rest in a safe place
    6. To help make your jewelry last longer, store it in the plastic baggy Clara Jane has provided with the anti tarnishing paper. 
    7. Remember to not use polishing cloth as this might rub away the gold.

To prolong the life of your 18K GOLD PLATED STAINLESS STEEL  jewelry, we recommend that you: 

    1. Do not wear it in pools hot tubs that are treated with chlorine
    2. Wash your piece with lukewarm water occasionally

To extend the life of your leather goods, we recommend that you"

  1. we'll try to provide the original dust bag for the repurposed leather good, if in any case your leather good does not come with a dust bag. Please keep far away from sunlight as the color can fade the leather and yellow the fabric.
  2. Keep your leather goods away from water, some leather are extra delicate like Chanel's lamb leather. If its pouring rain out, keep it at home. Drizzles are ok. 
  3. Occasionally you can lather your leather goods with leather moisturizers. You can purchase these online. 



Storage can be anywhere except places that has exposure to sunlight. Keep your jewelry far away from sunlight and in a jewelry box if you have one or in the baggy we’ve provided you.


If you have further questions, please contact us at or message us through Instagram @clarajaneshop